Thursday, May 03, 2012

CRAFT FAIR...Part 2-Candy Tubes

I was so glad when PTI came out with a stamp that said "You Are My Sunshine".  That was a song my mom sang to the girls when they were has a very special place in my heart when I hear those little words.  I had bought some of these plastic tubes at Hannah's a few weeks ago and ideas started swirling in my head with ideas on how to use them.  I finally decided to make some candy tubes for the upcoming craft show...I took the words literally and die cut a sun out of cardstock and then embossed it to give it texture.  I filled the tubes with Lemonheads.  Quite honestly, they can very well be my favorite candy.  I also cut a circle of coordinating fabric and tied it to the top of the tube to...1. stop anyone from taking a Lemonhead & 2. to finish the tube and make it look pretty.

These will also be listed in the Etsy shop after this weekend...Have a good evening! Pin It

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Julie Short said...

My mum used to sing that to us too! Your candy tubes will be a real hit I am sure!

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