Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Loveless Cafe...Nashville TN

I know what you are thinking...why is there a blurry photo in this frame?  The story is actually pretty cute...but this is a gift for my aunt & uncle in-law from Tennessee.  We were lucky enough to visit them this summer and they took us to a wonderfully popular restaurant called The Loveless Cafe.  This was amazing comfort food at its best...fried green tomatoes, crispy fried chicken, sorghum on the table and these flaky and lighter than air biscuits.  During dinner, Uncle Gary took a photo of all of us at the table.  A friendly diner at the next table saw he was doing this and offered to take a photo of all of us at the table.  I should have seen what was coming when he took the camera from Gary...the diner, who was incredibly sweet to offer, was very shaky when he was holding the camera.  He snapped one photo, quicker than I could ask him to take another, he put the camera down and left...smiling and going on his way.  Well I looked at the photos in the review mode of the camera and began laughing so hard at the photo he took.  This is one of the best & funniest times we have spent with our family in TN and treasure this photo above all others (almost).

I was able to use the October Afternoon Sidewalks paper and chip & stick embellishments for the layout.  The frame was purchased at the local dollar store.  The total cost for this gift was under $7.00. 
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