Sunday, November 28, 2010

7th Grade Social Studies Project-The 60's

My oldest daughter had a social studies project this was on the 1960's.  She chose The Supremes...I have always been a fan of them so I was happy when she chose them.  I was able to contribute my Cricut to make the actual Supremes...

I also used my Sure-Cuts-A-Lot to cut the letters for the board as well...I really like that I can download different fonts and cut them out.
And here they are on stage.

 When we got to the actual social studies fair, we were pleasantly suprised she took 3rd place.

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jimlynn said...

Oh how fun!!!! Wonderful project yall did. So cute.

Danie M said...

What a great project, and I am sure your daughter appreciates the help you gave her. Congratulations to both of you on coming third.

Julie said...

these are just great. What a lot of work you both put into the project. As an ex-teacher I can tell you that the time spent with your daughter doing this is extra special modelling for her.

Paige said...

Your project turned out great!

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