Saturday, May 29, 2010

What to do with...

...the cardstock that my Cricut die cuts come from? I am always using my Cricut for something and this past week I was putting together swaps to mail out. I created birthday page elements...I had cut the word "birthday" from a page and had about 5 of them in a row...the page had almost been totally filled with the negative spaces where the letters had been. Here is what I created...

How fortunate my youngest daughter was invited to a birthday party this afternoon. I made a 12x12 layyout page for his mom to hang on their wall with pictures from today. I started this a few years back when one of my other daughters went to a birthday party...making something for the parent to remember the day by...I have made explosion boxes, layouts & even small mini books with the theme of the party. I can finally say I have used the entire sheet of paper with this project. :)

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am hosting this weeks ERPOM challenge. So far the challenges hosted by the other group members have been quite challenging and incredibly creative...they have set the bar high for me...this weeks challenge involves movies...and the inspiration you may find from them. You may find a color scheme, period the movie was set in, content of the movie, etc as inspiration.

I started searching for other blogs that may have this type of theme...and I found one. I belong to Paper Craft Planet and there is a blog challenge every week revolving around this topic...Movies+Inspiration=Beautiful card, scrapbook page, etc... There are some fantastic examples from just about every type of movie. To view some example go to Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge.

The movie I chose is one of my favorites...Marley & Me. Our dog Jackson has such a total personality. When I saw this photo of him sitting in the driver's seat of my car last October, I had to laugh and think of that movie...which BTW I start crying at the beginning sometimes.

Here is my inspiration:

The rules for this challenge are as follows...submission can be in the form of a card, scrapbook page, altered item, etc...YOU MUST POST ON YOUR BLOG THE MOVIE YOU ARE CHOOSING AS YOUR INSPIRATION (SEE WHY BELOW) there are no product restrictions, challenge submissions end on June 3rd, there is a small goodie bag at the end of the challenge for the winner...a sampling of some of my favorites. I welcome all submissions for this challenge, however, CHALLENGE #6 prize can only be won by members of ERPOM.

I thought I would make this interesting for non-members as well, there will be a separate mini prize that will be chosen by a random number generator for non-members of ERPOM. On June 4th I will post here on Blogger, non-members can leave a comment that day and list the movies ERPOM members have chosen as their inspiration(you can find their blogs on the right side of my blog)...which means you need to visit their blogs in order to submit your post. The movies listed must be correct as well to have a correct submission.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My husband and I got married back in October 1999. I did not have a videographer for the wedding only a photographer. I always wanted a video of our I did our own. I am not sure why I finally finished it...almost 11 years later. Actually, I do not have the photos in a scrapbook yet either...I have always been waiting for the "right" paper and embellishments to come along and magically work with the photos I have. I didn't even buy the disk with the photos from the wedding on it...that is the number one thing I learned from the experience...anytime somebody professionally does any photography for you, buy the CD or memory card after. I guess since we didn't really celebrate last year on our 10th anniversary, when we go to Disney later this year I think we will celebrate with our kids. The two songs used on this video are Joshua Kadison-Beautiful In My Eyes (song from our wedding) & Taylor Swift-Today was a Fairytale from the movie Valentine's Day. Now my husband can never say he doesn't remember the song we danced to at our wedding...It is on this video.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...a day late.

I absolutely LOVE the show Diner's Drive-Ins & Dives (Tripe D) on the Food Network channel. I have been known to tape an entire season and watch it over and over again. What can I say...I am a "foodie". Anytime Guy, the host of the show...for those who don't watch the show, makes his way to Chicago I get really excited. This also works with a local show I watch called "Check Please" on WTTW. I have always wanted to go to a restaurant that is featured on television. Partially because I want to see for myself how good the food is exactly and the other is to live out my own dreams of being a food critic. Anyways...when my husband came to me yesterday and asked where wouldl I like to go...the names of Golden Corral & Olive Garden were shouted at me by my kids...I reminded them that ist wasn't "Kid's Day" and until it became a recognized semi-official holiday, they did not get to choose. I thought of Jimmy's Chophouse, another restaurant we have only "heard" things about and then I thought of my faithful host Guy. "The Shanty" I exclaimed from the top of my lungs..."that is where I would like to go." I know, I know what you're thinking...the name "Shanty" doesn't really conjure up a "good culinary feeling"...well we'll get there. I quickly made the reservation because after all it was Mother's Day...a very busy day for restaurants...bad & good. I knew where the restaurant was...I had driven by a number of times and never thought of stopping. We made it to the restaurant at 4:48pm for the 5pm reservation. The restaurant was very busy...and apparently under construction...something I was not aware of. We were seated rather quickly, almost right next to the front door and immediately adjacent to the open bar...there was someone who I believed, was laughing for everyone at the restaurant...very loud and obnoxious. All I knew was I wanted to order the Whiskey Shrimp for an was on the Triple D show and it looked so good. I do believe there were more on Guy Fieri's plate than ours...the photo is above, there were 4 shrimp with a side of over & under cooked veg. The sauce was really really good, but the shrimp were slightly cold, and some of the veg was really uncooked and some was very over cooked...I didn't finish the veg. The steaks were pretty good for the main course...but by that point, I just kept thinking I could've made this at home for a lot less...that is why I am finishing Culinary school...isn't it? I can't really give this place a thumbs up or down...I often wonder if going to a new restaurant on a busy holiday is a good judge of how it really is...or is it? I don't think we will be going back any time soon...or at least not until the restaurant is not under construction anymore.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

ERPOM Challenge #4

This weeks challenge is hosted by Dawn, click HERE to view the challenge. The challenge was to create a card with a window and have the interesting "things" on the inside of the card. I chose to create the window with my Nesties, I used kraft cardstock and a green textured cardstock. The ribbon is from SU and the stamped images are from...actually I don't know who they are from...I picked up this random stamp set at Hannah's about a year ago...I have never used them until now, I just hate doing that. I also used a white gell pen to embellish the flowers after they were stamped. The finished size of the card is again new favorite size for cards.

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

ERPOM Challenge 3...Part II

Here is the second card to the ERPOM Challenge in the last post. I am not sure how close to the sketch I am...but I generally change my embellishments, etc from a sketch. I cuttle the card with the largest scalloped rectangle Nestie...I folded the paper and didn't cut the top portion of the card so it would still open. The sentiment was stamped with SU! White Craft Ink and it is from PTI Mega Mixed Messages. I have to say that was THE BEST investment I have ever made. There are so many sentiments in so many different texts & fonts. I used a simple red flower with a rhinestone brad to finish the card. The finished measurments of the card are 3.25"x3.75"...just a tiny card for someone "Absolutely Fabulous".

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