Friday, April 30, 2010

ERPOM Challenge #3

I am posting the third challenge for a blog group I am in called Eyelets, Ribbon & Paper...Oh My! on Splitcoast Stampers. This weeks challenge was hosted by Emkay Designs. The challenge was to copy a sketch she posted. I chose a "Buckle" card and my stamped image inspiration came from a "find" I made while visiting the Dollar Store the other day in town. I absolutely LOVE sunflowers...almost as much as lilacs (they are smelling beautiful in the air right now as I type). I feel sunflowers are the "happiest" flowers along with daisies. The card is another 6x6 card with folds at 3" on both sides (total size of paper was 6"x12"-scored at 3" & 9"). I used a stamp set I almost sold last year on I am glad I didn't. It is actually the first stamp set I bought when I went to my first SU! 11 years ago. It is a 2-step stamp Definitely Decorative Summer Sunflower and I used Summer Sun & More Mustard for the sunflower and Always Artichoke & Mellow Moss for the leaves. I used my Cuttlebug and Spellbinder Dies to cut the stamped image and background frame. The sentiment stamp "merci" is from PTI-Mega Mixed Messages and the inside of the card is typed in Word and printed on Whisper White.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Wedding...

I am wondering if I created one of the most non-traditional wedding cards ever...probably not...I think I saw one somewhere that incorporated skulls and motorcycles...I was not invited to that one. :) We are actually only going to a reception, they already got married in Vegas a few weeks ago, so maybe this is not a traditional wedding after all.

I felt like working with yellow & orange today, maybe because the weather is so grey and not very forgiving. I punched the orange scalloped circle and then added a smaller circle punch inside each scallop. I used Yo-yo Yellow, Only Orange & Whisper White cardstock, Colorbox Pigment Ink-Orange and the stamp came from Ink-Adinkado #97631 Circles & Dots. The sentiment came from PTI Mega Mixed Messages.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take Your to Work Day.

Okay...she is going to "kill" me when she finds out I posted this on "the Blog". Today was "Take Your Child to Work Day" and I took my oldest, Peyton. We took this picture of her putting together Maddie Tattoo Safety Kits for the company I work for. I was sure she was going to be "bored" today, but all in all, I think she had a great time. I work in customer service, marketing, social media director, etc...(I really have a lot of job titles).

I also wanted to say how proud I am of her. She is fast becoming a young lady who makes outstanding grades, watches out for her sisters, and, I have to say, a very funny person whom I am am honored to know and be a part of her life.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wisconsin Dells 2009...Last layout for awhile on this subject.

The one day we went to Mt. Olympus Waterpark. It was cold. I did the tearing techniques again on this page but I thought they looked like waves. I used vellum, solid colored cardstock and a patterned paper that had a "water" theme. I did not embellish this page as much. Once again I tried to get as many photos from the day on the 2 page layout.

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There's gold in them thar hills...or at least a semi-precious gem in a baggie on the bottom of the bucket.

Ah, yes...the time honored tradition of panning for gold. I did it when I was 8 years old with my grandparents in the Dells...and now my kids do it with us. There are some traditions we just don't break with (at least not until this year)...eating breakfast at Paul Bunyan's, eating 60 pounds of string cheese in 2 days...and panning for gold. The panning for gold is a tricky one, we have 3 daughters...and we only get 1 large mustard or ketchup colored bucket (you can barely see them in the background of the photo) for them to plow through in 2 minutes to "find" the super pretty gem...there is only 1 per bucket. When they pan for gold it is already decided who will get the "semi-precious" gem. On this trip it was Riley's turn to get the treasure...and did she. She managed to get an aquamarine stone. When you are finished with mining for gems, go into the "showroom" to have someone tell you what you found. At first glance you look at the rocks strewn about the counter and think..."I have those in my backyard". "You don't" as I was told last year by the resident gemologist. The expert goes on to say, if you were to take these rocks and polish them, you would have beautiful garnets, aquamarines, and amythyst. If you ask me they all still looked like rocks...but I was always taught "don't judge a book by its cover, unless the cover is torn and there are a myriad of pages missing"...I guess that saying would work here as well. Ultimately, Riley talked her daddy into getting her stone mounted in a necklace. I can still see Tom's face when he came out to me in the parking lot to say Riley chose this as her "special gift" from the Dells and it would be about $20.00 (the alotted amount each kid gets from the parents for their "mad cash"). He asked me to go in and make sure I filled out the paperwork for the transaction. I went in and the total was $85.00. It was $20.00 per Karat...I just about fainted. By that point I couldn't take it away from her, but politely called my husband in to pay for the necklace that I believe she will be wearing for all the special occassions in her life. At that point we had to raise the other "mad cash" amounts a bit higher for the other 2 girls for fear of not playing fair. Another saying I am growing fond of is "Don't hate the player, hate the game." I believe that is appropriate here also.

Once again not a lot of embellishment, used my Cricut to cut the letters for the title.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wisconsin Dells 2009-Ripley's Believe It or Not

I am not sure how many of you remember the original "Ripley's Believe It or Not" with Jack Palance on television...I used to watch it all the time. The sound of his voice was always so creepy...kind of like Robert Stack in Unsolved Mysteries...well I digress...I have been to other Ripley's, like San Francisco. This one was very tiny...but has a lot in it, to my surprise. Morgan had a really hard time going through...seemed everything scared her. Once again I managed to put almost all of the "good" pictures on the layout...not too much embellishment.
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Wisconsin Dells Family "Mini-Trip" 2009

It is often joked about in my family that I scrapbook like I am sending "thank-you" notes from a wedding...I technically have 1 year to complete the task. Well there is another trip to the Dells planned for this year so I am in a mad rush to get last years pictures in a book...however, we did go to the Dells in 2008 for our first "mini-vakay" and I thought those photos were lost...turns out they were put in a sleeve album temporarily until I found the time to actually scrapbook them. So I don't count the year for those...and then there is the BIG Disney book from our trip in 2007...we are going again later this year and I am trying like the dicken to get all of those photos in...I was actually disappointed with my pics from that trip...I videotaped more than taking photos...this year I swear to be different...we will be there when the Christmas decorations will be out and I expect to bring home at leat 6 SD cards filled with photos.

So her are a few layouts I have created for our last trip last year...

I used Basic Grey's Eskimo Kisses Line from this past holiday to focus on the deer aspect of this day-trip. I didn't even journal this one...I thought the pictures tell the story of the day. The one thing I have as my "fall back" technique is tearing and distressing...I absolutely love the look it gives and what you can realy do with it. I have also started using staples on my pages (there are 2 here in the corner). I also try to get as many photos on a page as I can...and many times I do not mat photos on paper...although there are time I may.

This was a really fun day. The deer were so very friendly (of course because we dangled food in front of them...:)) But the girls had a great time walking around and naming all of the deer. I recommend the Deer Park if you are going to Wisconsin was a great way to spend the morning after breakfast.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eyelet, Ribbon, & Paper Challenge #2

This is my submission for the second challenge for our blog group. The challenge was to be inspired by ribbon and use it to create somethng wonderful. I tried my hardest to find a unique or fairly decorated ribbon to use, however, my stash is getting very low (thank you children). I did however, buy this pretty ruffled green ribbon last week to use with another project (Basic Grey mini book). The ribbon actually feels like suede in the middle and then the delicate ruffle on the edge (its really nice to touch and very soft). The color of the ribbon inspired me more than anything else...I found a rather large stack of patterned paper in a cabinet that I was pretty sure I got rid I am glad I didn't. I used my Nesties to cut out the shape and used pop dots to raise the lighter colored paper. The sentiment was something I created in Word and used a darker olive color. I used Colorbox Moss Green & Colorbox Fluid Chalk Creamy Brown together to distress the edges. The finished card size is 6x6.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award...

I was given this award today by a few of my "blogger" friends. I have to tell you 10 things about myself and then pass this on...

10. I have an incredible sense of direction, almost as though a GPS has been hard wired into my brain at times.

9. I LOVE Project Runway and would have given anything to have been a designer and compete on the show.

8. I started college when I was a Junior in high school. In the 20+ years I have had 13 majors (declared), taken Accounting 101 7 times (dropped everytime except last sememester), and have attended 4 colleges/universities.

7. I consider my time at Southern Illinois University, the best time of my life.

6. Everytime I go to a scrapbook store, I have to buy at least 1 sheet of patterned paper. And yet I NEVER have the patterned paper I "need" for a current project.

5. I dream of owning every Papertrey Ink stamp set there is..a.ctually everything PTI has on their website.

4. My favorite place to sit is in my sanctuary...with a cup of coffee or glass of red wine (depending on the time of day)

3. When I turned 30, I had my tongue pierced...went on a job interview 6 months later and took it out...I could not get it back in after. I was proud of myself that I didn't swell up or swear.

2. The character I most identify with in any movie is Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

1. I can't believe I have a daughter that is on the precipice of becoming a teenager. I don't feel old enough to have one of those yet. I still consider myself "hip". Pin It

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recycle Challenge for Eyelets, Ribbon, Paper Blog Group...

So as I was saying last night I was unsure about what this Lay's potato chip can wanted to be...well I...or rather "we" decided what it was going to be...a bank!

Everything on this project is recycled... The can, of course was a Lay's potato chip can, the ribbon was all scraps left over from a previous Disney layout (I even used a ribbon with Mickey printed on it I found in the clearance bin at the Disney Outlet in Gurnee 3 years ago), the letters were leftover letters I thought I would never use...but here they work. I did pay on the bank theme with the word "FUN"-d's...maybe my kids will start to save a bit more if they can put their money in here...

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Another Busy Weekend...

What do an empty Lays potato chip container, 5 Chip N Dale Cricut paper piecings and a baby boy baby album have in common...they are all projects I am attempting to finish before Saturday night...especially the Lay's is DUE by midnight Saturday...The Chip N Dales are for a Disney Swap that I got into...and I also volunteered for a second spot on that swap...I am thinking Minnie (she is my favorite). All of the Disney scrap swap has to be done on a Cricut or other die cutting system...I made a Daisy awhile back. I am hoping to have our vacation album done before we leave later this year for Disney. The baby boy album is for some very close friends who just had their third child...a boy (hence the baby boy theme). I am designing a 6x6 mini album and I am using the Little Sprout line by Michelle Coleman from Fancy Pants Design. I am hoping to drop that off on Sunday. And finally the Lays container...I have had this little gem on my scrap space for the past few days and I am waiting for it to speak up and tell me what it want to be...I am thinking a bank of some sort for my kids to save their moolah for the Dells mini vakay to the waterpark or the major trip to looks like Disney colors, but then again it looks like waterslide colors to me also...I LOVED the ribbon container another clever scrapper made HERE. I hope she doesn't mind me linking her...I adore this idea and so badly hope to make my ribbon is quite a mess...that is where the Lays container may come in...I have tiny scraps of ribbon that are no longer on spools...either because I have bought it off the spool at the store or I have used almost all of the ribbon on the spool and only have a scrap left...this may become the ribbon scrap stack...say that one over and over again...:)
Well the crafting olympics are about to start and I hate to miss the opening ceremony...the iPod is warmed up and I have a fresh pot of coffee brewing...I hope I can bring home the gold!

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring 12x12 Page

I am not kidding when I say I have at least 10 projects going at one is a 12x12 scrapbook page I started at the last paper party I went to at Hannah's. I didn't have time to really start it that day because I was working on the wall hanging most of the time. They gave us a few strips of paper...I apologize that I do not know the paper manufacture. We also were able to die-cut the flowers on the Accu-cut machine. The flowers are actually adhesive backed twill (?) or like a lightweight denim fabric. It cut really nicely on the machine...just a few stray threads or frays...but I actually liked the rustic look of them. I added the green ribbon and tied a small knot, I also raised the lower cardstock & butterflys with pop dots (my favorite product!!!). I really need to show some of these scrapbook pages with photos on them...My kids took a bunch of pics over Spring Break this last I may ahve to see what they took and add them to this page. I normally do 2 12x12 layouts so they match, but lately I find myself only doing 1 12x12 page. Off to an Easter Egg hunt this there will be another layout coming soon...

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