Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scrapbook Wall Décor steps 1-3

Step 1
I found these great pressboard wall hangings at my local scrapbook store…shameless plug to Hannah's in Antioch, Illinois. They were marked down to $4.00 in their clearance section. There were 2 styles; one was more square than the other…both had space for 4 photos/focal points. I did paint the board with Ceramcoat Oyster White acrylic paint. I gave it 2-3 coats…I would maybe prime it next time; the paint seemed to absorb right into the pressboard. I also thought of using a crackle finish to it, but the space around the focal points is very narrow and I wasn't sure it would be seen very well.

Step 2
I measured the focal areas of the wall hanging and they were 5.5"x5.5". I cut 4 pieces from Basic Grey's (my absolute favorite paper co.) line Sugar Rush. I love that the paper is double-sided…the only problem I have is deciding what pattern to use. The other great thing about double-sided paper is they all coordinate with each other.

Step 3

After I painted the wall hanging and let it dry completely, I decoupage the paper to the wall hanging. There has been quite a debate among some of us as to what is the best decoupage medium…I used what I had on hand PVA adhesive (used for book binding)…I like this adhesive because it dries acid-free (super important to scrapbookers everywhere). I have also used regular Elmer's Glue in other projects and they have come out fabulous and they are still intact and did not fall apart.

Now there are actually two schools of thought on the last step…I have seen some incredible wall décor pieces where the paper was embellished first and then glued on after…which is great is you have a sturdy enough glue and you don't have 3-D embellishments on your paper-because then you cannot decoupage the paper. I lay this decorative paper down first and then "build" on it…as you will see in the next few steps.

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