Saturday, January 02, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

1.  My local dollar store (where everything is truly $1)  2.  My Fiskars paper crimper  3.  My super simple Terrific Toffee Recipe   4. My collection of Basic Grey Paper

This year for Christmas I created more homemade goodies for everyone.  I can post this now because almost everyone has gotten their gift from me so this blog post will not spoil anyone's suprise.  First off, I have to say I almost love packaging my homemade goodies as much as making them.  My Terrific Toffee recipe made another appearance this year because basically I thought..."why improve on greatness..."  The recipe can be found HERE.  I did not come up with it, although I wish I had.  I know I can always turn to Taste of Home online and know I am getting a quality recipe.  This is truly one of the easiest recipes I know of...I can do it from memory...or in my sleep (which I have never tried but now I feel daring). 

The silver packaging came from (of all places) my local dollar store.  Everything in this store is $1 (like the name implies) I bought a package of 3 silver containers.  They resemble something you may get from a restaurant.  The lid has silver on one side and white paper on the other...I turned the lid to show the silver finish.  Next I took out my Basic Grey paper collection (which is getting a little large...that is not complaining :)  and my paper crimper.  I find that the paper crimper doesn;t get much use outside of Christmas (note to self...change that this year).  I also used a clear acrylic stamp set that I got from Michael's to embellish the tag. 

The toffee was nestled in the packaging with white tissue paper and finished with a crimped paper strip and a small tag. 

Edited to add:  I am proud to say I bought all of the silver trays from my dollar store...I will have to put them up for next year.

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