Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today was the day....

Morgan went into the hospital for surgery today (adenoids & ear tubes in both ears), this morning at 6am we were there. I already had not slept since I was ready when my husbands alarm started going off at 5am. Morgan was very happy and full of spirit this morning. I almost felt really abd I had not told her what we were going for...otherwise I would never had gotten her in the car to go. She actually didn't have the meltdown until we made it to the 3rd floor surgery waiting room...then she went as limp as a wet noodle. Kids, of course, have this great talent for not going where and when you need them to...They go limp and weigh like 1000 pounds...I'll have to remember that when I am going somewhere I don't want to next husband will try to pick me up and I will just go limp and my legs will be like jell-o. The nurses were super great with her...Condell has gotten much better with their nursing staff...they are very caring and patient. Morgan sat on the rolling bed for a wile and then they brought in the 'happy' juice. Boy, do I neeeeeed that. She mellowed out and had the funniest look on her face...She drank it with no problems...and it really smelled bitter too...she was quite a trooper at that point. I watched the doctors roll her down the hall and was told where to wait for her...she had a bracelet on that I was told would let me track her progress in the surgical ward and when she was in recovery, her code turned pink. The whole time I was being told this, I thought of O'Hare Airport and the last time we were there...looking at the arrivals & departures screen. That was exactly what I was thinking when I watched her code turn green (surgery) to pink (recovery) and then we were escorted back to her. I looked at her and thought, she looks so tiny sitting there in this chair...she was padded in with her favorite blanket and pillow. She did have an I.V. in and I had just told my husband I would start to cry if I saw that...I guess I just remember the pain of I.V.'s...not the labor pains or delivery of the three girls...just the I.V.'s I got at the time. I, of course, did cry a bit but then I sat next to her watching the Doodlebops and stroked her hair and kissed her all over her head. A little while later the nurse came to take the I.V. out and sent us on our way...Morgan has really been sleeping in and out today, but she has told me her ears feel fine and her throat doesn't hurt...then she puckers for a kiss...bless her heart. Pin It

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