Friday, February 01, 2008

On a different note...

I do not normally post personal issues here on the blog...I guess I am afraid it will clog the creative juices...However, I found out the day before yesterday that my youngest child, Morgan, will undergo surgery later this month to get her Adenoids removed and tubes put into both ears. I have had no experience with this type of I am on uncharted territory. I also found out that she will be released later the same day. Isn't that too soon? I always feel no matter what you have done in the hospital, they should keep you awhile. I just haven't been able to sleep since finding out the news, how am I going to be the closer to surgery? I haven't told her anything, she is only 5-1/2. But I have heard her say quite adamantly..."I am not going to any hospital." Quite reminded me of my grandfather who often said the same thing...usually right when he knew he didn't have an option. Well I hope to reconcile this within myself...hopefully within the next 3 weeks. Pin It


Carolyn King said...

I just found your blog through scs...and what a perfect time.

I have tons of experience with this surgery as both I and my son have had it done.

My son had his tonsils, adneoids and a second set of tubes put in his ears two years ago. The tubes just recently fell out (he is five)

I am convinced that the tonsil and adneoid removal have improved his health TREMENDOUSLY. He has been so good for the past two years...barely sick and when he did get a cold it lasted for a few days...not months!

I had a different experience. Growing up i had tubes placed twice. (most children grow out of ear infections by around age 5 because their anatomy changes) but i did not.
I had ear infections and sore throats until I was was THAN that I had surgery to remove my adneoids and tonsils and was amazing....I have virturally had ONE ear infection since then (15 years ago!) AND maybe 2 sore throats that were nothing.

It was such a positive experience and has improved both our lives tremendously.

And, yes, my son went in in the morning and was home in the afternoon. HE WAS sore..esp when the pain killers wore off but as long as we kept them going ...he did well. He was fine by day 5.

Hugs and prayers!

Erika H. said...

I know it is impossible to not worry, but trust me when I say that getting tubes in the ears is not an involved procedure. It really only takes minutes. I will be thinking of you and your child, and hope that this post can ease your mind a bit. Take care!

Anonymous said...

I certainly will be thinking of you and your daughter as well. My granddaughter had her tonsils removed at the age of 1, plus tubes, and then her adnoids removed at 3 years old. She is on her 4th set of tubes and she is now 9 years old.

Being in the hospital is pretty frightful for little ones. But yes, these are all now day surgeries. If anything looks as though she should stay overnight, they certainly would keep her. I think kids and adults alike feel better being at home and the recuperation is more comfy. Sending prayers!

blizlady (Gail)

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