Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The song remains the same...only the name changed...

Yes...I changed the name of my blog...I have been occupied with this for some time...don't ask why. I decided on the title: My Inky Little Secret...I really wanted to find a name that said a little about me...here is the back story...I was bitten by the scrapbooking/paper crafting bug seriously about 3 years ago. Before that I had always crafted something...I had rubber stamped as early as 10 years ago (my first SU workshop). I really became a scrapbooker about 3 years ago...I worked at Hobby Lobby for about 4 years and I started buying a lot of scrapbooking/paper crafting items...A LOT! I am still finding things I didn't know I bought...or re-bought things I already had...I know its a sickness (this is my therapy). Now present day...I just re-organized everything in my laundry room (acting creative space) and created a little scrapbook nook for myself...I rather enjoy the space-I now know where things are and things are getting used. The thing is...my husband never had a clue how much stuff I really had until I organized it and brought it out into the open...I can imagine myself thinking...I can scrapbook and rubber stamp here in my little cave never letting him see what I really had OR I can make everything look nice and suffer the consequences for letting him SEE everything. So I took the later option...I still see his mouth open in shock sometimes when he sees all of the stamp pads I own all lined up and looking pretty...heck I think I still do it sometimes also...But the point of the matter is this craft was my Inky Little Secret for a long time...just don't tell him about the bags of embellishments I have in my other cabinet in the laundry room...okay? Pin It

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